Barlic Gutter, (formerly known as Kineza until 2019), has been making mixes and garlic butter since 2011. Originally from Cyprus (a country not usually known for its garlic butter), you can count on her to entice your dancing rhythm. Often exploring the relationship between genres, she presents the finest of whatever the affair calls for - whether it’s for the two lone survivors of an afterparty or to the masses of a dance-floor. Expect wild drumming, soothing synths, and an open portal to your bleeping ethereal musical cosmos - because everybody likes a bit of garlic butter, even when it’s dairy free.

Previous gigs include various venues and festivals in Cyprus, as well as Athens, Beirut, the UK and several radio stations including a Buffer Zone Radio in Nicosia, Cyprus, Bloop Radio based in London, Soundart Radio in Athens, Boxout FM based in Mumbai and Balamii Radio in London.

Recently, she shook the crowd at the notorious Afro Banana Republic Festival in Kornos Forest, Cyprus for the third consecutive year in a row (2015-2017), has played at the renowned and intimate Pickle Factory (2018) as well as The Glove That Fits (2018) and the queer sanctuary that is Dalston Superstore (2018).

The latest project is a mix series titled A Lover’s Disc-ourse that originally aired on Balamii Radio in December 2019. The mix series contextualises various chapters and passages from Roland Barthes’ book of the same name (A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments, 1978) into sound and feeling, citing the passage and responding to a current personal situation or mood.

The poster design for the mix series is produced by Adonis Archontides, @ragnanox.